How do the ALFW Workbook Questions and Journal Entries Work?

Journaling and self-reflection have long been critical components to personal development and lifestyle enrichment. Philosophers, writers, artists and scientists such as Dante, Anaïs Nin, Leonardo Di Vinci, John Dewey and Nikola Tesla all kept personal journals. They also kept very accurate field notes, which have accurately reflected their views in throughout their life. Like them, there is a beautiful, yet mysterious side to us all. There is an energy potential waiting to surface, unfold and express itself through the various channels of our being— all through the efforts of self-inquiry. So please, when working with ALFW, be as honest as possible when working through your workbook questions, journaling and peronal enhancement exercises. Be sure to work through the course on your own terms! Make sense of it in such a way that it becomes an uplifting personal experience— something you look forward to do on a regular basis. The premise of this course is for you to begin to see your own emerging patterns as it relates to emotional wellness. That is to say, begin to see things which are either too close or too far away to otherwise see. In a nutshell, ALFW is a process of refining (y)our mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.  It is about perserverence, thouroughness, tranquility, poise and contemplation. Lastly, it is about learning how to understand and control our emotional circuitry. ALFW is also about tenacity… learning how to take your life in a new direction. The majority of the elements of this course may be shared with others via social media. Conversely, you may keep it completely private. It’s all good no matter what you choose to do. Just be sure to understand that it is always more effective to share who we are with others and get their perspective as to what they see and feell about us. Please note; while ALFW is a very effective tool for personal growth and development, it does not in any way substitute the need for professional counseling and/or psychotherapy. If you feel that many of the things in your life are just a little too much to handle, please consult a mental health professional. You may also reach out to like-minded people by reaching ou to others and interacting with our ALFW blog.

Very often when people take the time for themselves they feel guilty, selfish and even self-centered! Let me dispel this ill perception: Truly the only way for you (or anyone else) to stay sharp, healthy and skillful is to take the time to maintain your good health. We all know that we must care for ourself to be mindfully more effective and helpful to others. It really is this simple. Moreover, we must understand the critical importance of teaching our children (all children) this very same thing: to love themselves as they are— again, this should never be confused with selfishness or being self-centered. Individuality is a basic human right and not a privilege. The right to be different is the fundamental backdrop of being healthy! So, with this in mind, remember to be as light and playful as possible when working with this workbook and journal. Do not take any of this material too seriously.

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