The Symbol of Your Soul Exercise

Symbol of Your Soul Exercise

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FOR THIS INSPIRING EXERCISE, it is important that you hone in on your heart center or heart chakra. When you hear the words heart chakra or heart center what is its meaning to you? What experience comes to mind?

Draw a picture or representation of it by using crayons, pencils, scissors, glue and glitter (or whatever else you may need or want to create and render your symbol. There will be a list of questions for you to answer upon the completion of your final soul symbol. Creating the stage: Lie down or sit comfortably in sukhasana, half lotus or any other comfortable position that suits you well. Focus on your breath to calm your mind and body.

Now begin to imagine that your heart center is so much more than just a place for the physical muscle of the heart. Maybe refer back to the heart chakra section of this course. Your soul symbol should be drawn on blank piece of paper, and then uploaded to this exercise (see upload button on top of this page).  Please do your work in a quiet, soft neutral setting. Please use no words in your drawing as it tends to bring one into a more logical mindset, thereby restricting the creative process. Feel free to practice on as many blank sheets of paper as you’k like. 

Explore the possibility that your heart center is an energetic entity that resembles a luminous nebulous cloud. One that extends throughout your entire body. It is an expression that by the process of awareness, one can tune into the source related to their soul purpose. Before you begin your soul exercise, here are a few items that we think you should have available:

•Any other supplies you see fit to use

When ready, ask yourself “are you grounded fully relaxed? Then begfin by opening the communication channels… and ask your heart center to search deep within to present you with a symbol that represents your soul’s purpose.
Once this symbol surfaces, explore its characteristics; i.e., what colors are there? What is the surface or appearance of your symbol? Are there lines, curves, open or closed loops? Are there triangles, squares or other geometrical forms? Are there any layers? Is there an imagined odor? How can its texture best be described and incorporated? Once you are comfortable and have a good mental representation of your soul symbol, begin to draw

Note: Remember to have fun with this creative exercise. It is critically important to keep your feeling heart open. My recommendation would be to read these instructions over and over again, so that on any given day, when the time is right, you may begin the process of creating your soul symbol.

Symbol of Your Soul Exercise

What do you feel and think this symbol means to you?Does your symbol relate to harmony and/or conflict?Do you think that your soul symbol is trying to tell you something?What do you think the colors mean? Can they be explained by some of the threads in your life?If your symbol could speak to you with words, what do you think it might be trying to tell you?Is your soul symbol something that represents your past, present or future, or perhaps all three? Explain

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